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Bioclimatic patio cover – Pergolas Biossun

Natural open space

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Biossun first made its entry into the ideal home business with its bioclimatic gazebos. It now offers complete bioclimatic patio solutions through its 100% eco-designed, 100% French made patio covers and surrounds.

In line with this eco-responsible approach, 98% of the materials used in Biossun BIO-climatic patios are primary aluminum, a completely recyclable material. The product uses 100% French technology and manufacture. Our outdoor extensions make the most of national resources and know-how while contributing to the minimization of greenhouse gases.

Bioclimatic architecture helps strike the perfect balance between a home, the comfort of its occupants, and the climatic conditions. Everyone’s heat and fresh air needs are managed. A bioclimatic construction or cover is a structure in which the sun’s rays and natural air circulation are the main power sources for its heating and ventilation.

This type of architecture therefore enables energy savings, allows a pleasant temperature to be set and maintained, controls the humidity, and privileges natural lighting. Using recyclable materials, this ecological solution puts the design firmly in the class of buildings rated HQE (high quality environment) and LRC (low resource consumption).

Let it rain, let the wind blow, let the temperature race up and down: Biossun BIO-climatic patios let you enjoy your outdoor space longer. This unique, groundbreaking concept in patio covers regulates the temperature of your patio and house naturally while protecting you from bad weather and the sun’s rays. With their concentrated blend of fine design and technology, our patio covers suit all styles of home and project their looks out onto the verandah, patio, garden, balcony, pool house, hot tub, swimming pool, or any other outdoor space.

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The price per square meter of the Pergola Biossun is approximately 850€ + IGIC (delivery and installation included).


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      In the event of unexpected rain, the detector closes the slats automatically.


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