BeMoss is a German company founded by Oliver and Sharon Brach.
Presenting fresh, modern, innovative interior materials and furniture that no one has ever seen before. The company aims to upgrade and better existing products in art, customization and technology. More so, continue to develop new designs and possibilities. Aesthetics is a plus, but BeMoss focus on high quality standards as well.

Floating on light – the newly developed LED lounge chair is truly a highlight at any pool. The reduced form, the almost invisible material and the trend-setting lighting technology. This intelligent, modern and stylish Lounge performs an impressive light show. The form is simple; the structure in the acrylic glass is laser engraved and can be personalized for you. Battery charged with LED lights that beam flat through the lounge chair, this is a space age seat that will bring your backyard to a whole new galaxy.

The lounge chair made by BeMoss spreads vitality and it can contribute to a fairytale atmosphere, in the warm summer evenings spent with friends. It illuminates the transparent Plexiglas from the top end, laser engraved lines absorb the light and ensure homogeneous illumination of the lounge chair. Various shades of colour or colour change sequences can be selected and firmly adjusted. The battery life is ten hours.